Fun Games for the Kiddos

Not only am I a professional face painter, owner of Dizzy Doodle Face Painting, and a teacher in a Broward County Public School, I am also a Girl Scout leader.  Often times at Girl Scout meetings and camping trips, I find myself in charge of games.

I also love Chick-fil-A.  Weird segway, I know.  But in my love for Chick-fil-A, I have gotten my fair share of kids meal toys. Yes, I eat kids meals. One of the most pertinent toys to me was this one:


It’s basically a deck of cards with different game ideas.  A lot of these I’ve done in the past either as a kid myself or instructed others how to play.  I wanted to show you a few of my favorites.  These would be great at a birthday party, play date, or any get together with kids.  I bet adults would enjoy some of these as an ice breaker too!


Amnesia: Clothespins work better than tape at keeping the names on kids.


Little Riddle: What kid doesn’t love a treasure hunt?!?  Pop for Your Prize: Just be careful the prize won’t hurt the child or get broken after being sat and probably jumped on!


I’m a messy eater and love playing with my food! I remember one time, I think at my brother’s birthday when I was younger, my mom made us all snake dogs (cut so it kinda curved one way and then the other way).

I hope you guys enjoy these games and that they give you some ideas.  Thanks Chick-fil-A for the awesome toys, keep up the good work!

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