Safety First!

Since Hurrican Matthew is coming, I guess I have some time boarded up inside my house to write this blog I’ve been procrastinating on!  Procrastination is my favorite sport…

Whether you decide to book with us or another face painter, please make sure that the artist uses professional grade safe-for-skin face paint and glitters.  Often times people try to save money by DIYing their birthday party or festival, which is their own prerogative and I have no problem with it as long as it is done using safe materials.  However, some uninformed people may use regular acrylic, craft glitter and paint, and/or nonprofessional face paint (such as the tubes you can get in the Halloween costume sections).  Facial skin, especially on a young child is extremely delicate.

There have been cases of rash, burns, and irritants from using nonprofessional face paints.  When acrylic paints dry on the skin, they begin to shrink, tightening the skin beneath, making it itchy and make the painting look cracked.  If you or your child has sensitive skin, I hope that you do not steer clear of face paints completely but instead try a small test patch on the inner arm, wait a little while, and decide from the results whether or not you should get painted.  Even if you don’t book with us, I would hate for you or your child to experience pain or discomfort. That is why I want to stress how important this topic is.



The materials we at Dizzy Doodle Face Painting use are all professional.  If you have any questions about our supplies, we have included the ingredients.  Keep in mind that the MSDS relate to the use of large quantities of each solo ingredient, and safety precautions for mass production in a factory.  The details are not generally for the product as a whole being used to paint faces.  Click the links below to download the Material Safety Data Sheets on the professional face paint supplies and materials I use:

Wolfe Face Art & FX Hydrocolors MSDS, TAG Body Art, Starblend Cake MakeupRubbing Alcohol , Paradise Makeup AQMama Clown GlittersMehron Metallic PowderGlimmer Body Art Glitter Tatto Skin GlueGlimmer Body Art GlitterFAB/Superstar MakeupBen Nye MagicakeBaby WipesApple Cider Vinegar (sanitizer)Snazaroo Face PaintBrush BathGlobal Body Art Professional Cake PaintsMama Clown GlittersSilly Farm Rainbow Cakes


Hope you are all safe and out of harm’s way of Hurrican Matthew.  Until next time, stay dry!

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